Digital Transformation Courses

THRIVE Digital Transformation Management Course

THRIVE Digital Business Transformation Management

You will learn the principles, practices, and frameworks that the best transformation practitioners use. It is based on six principles of THRIVE – Transformation, Holistic, Response, Innovation, Value. Enterprise.

Digital Maturity Index Course

Digital Maturity Index

The Digital Maturity Index (DMI) course will show you how to use the DMI to measure the digital maturity of six key dimensions of any company, which include People, Technology, Governance, Customers, Operations, and Innovation.

Business Transformation Management Methodology Course

Business Transformation Management Methodology

The Business Transformation Management Methodology course will show you how to use the world’s most comprehensively documented business transformation management framework.

Digital Enterprise Transformation Course

Digital Enterprise Transformation

You will learn how to develop a digital enterprise strategy that can be implemented in the whole organisation and not only in individual departments.

Digital Customer Centricity Management Course

Digital Customer Centricity Management

The Digital Customer Centricity Management course will help you to understand how to manage customer experience in your organisation and why it is important to create a customer centric culture.

Change Management Deep Dive Course

Change Management Deep Dive

The Change Management Deep Dive course will help you to understand the role of change management and how to use change management techniques in your organisation.

Transformation Black Belt Program

Business Transformation Black Belt Program

The Business Transformation Black Belt Program is a comprehensive learning and development path consisting of the four courses above with green images.

Digital Transformation Career Blueprint

Transformation Career Blueprint

The Transformation Career Blueprint course will help you develop your own transformation career portfolio, which will help you get you next transformation role.

Digital Business Framework

Digital Business Framework

For transformation consultants who need a proven business framework and the digital tools required to win an ongoing stream of clients worth having.